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Dreamtech Technologies Sdn Bhd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BH Group. The group was established in 2016, and the company has long been committed to emerging technologies and Internet development solutions. Including but not limited to artificial intelligence, edge computing, application development and application system outsourcing, etc.

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Software development: The company has a research and development team of more than 100 people. Through the applications we develop, we have achieved good performance growth and user evaluation in the industry. Through our software development services, customers can easily solve all the problems of the mobile Internet..

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We are an emerging new technology company that offers you the best opportunity to thrive, where everyone has the opportunity to develop leadership skills, foster innovation and achieve greatness. We provide competitive salaries and benefits based on the industry's market conditions and your experience. We will open a door to the world of technology for you, provide a relaxed, active and exciting working environment, cultivate a diverse and talented team, and let technology create a better life…